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Here at Unique 3d Crystal, we pride ourselves on producing quality workmanship. We will not send you your crystal unless we are happy with the outcome. Feedback of our service and products are very important to us and our business.
This is why we will contact you if we have concerns over the image you have provided us. Blurred photos or subjects within the photo that are not of a high enough resolution, will massively affect the final etched image.


we may also ask you if you have any other images of the subject, from different angles for 3D work so as to help us get the best results.


If images are deemed not acceptable and there are no suitable image alternatives that you can provide us, a full refund will be given back to you.


Broken or damaged goods received by you, will be replaced by a newly etched crystal and sent out to you. (subject to item being returned OR suitable photo evidence being provided)


Please note – There currently is a 10% discount offer on reprints.


                         Your files are kept in storage for 6 months. Thereafter all original images and files associated with that project will  be permanently deleted.


we would like to show people our products and may include your work in our gallery and other promotional material. If we intend to do this, we will send you an email informing you of our intention and will remove/not include your work if you request it.

If you have any other questions or concerns then please feel free to contact us. These are commissioned, customised pieces with a lot of possible variations and addons to get the final result. We will work closely with yourselves and your requests to get the best possible outcome.



Duncan and Sarah are a married couple with two teenage children. We own a small, shop based at Taurus crafts just outside a little town called Lydney. Situated in the beautiful Forest Of Dean in Gloucestershire. It is a wonderful place to come and visit.
Its not difficult to feel creative and inspired by the tranquil surroundings and it certainly helps when creating lampwork glass beads for our jewellery.
Discovering sub-surface laser etching took Duncan back to his Engineering routes where he always enjoyed CNC machining. Its very different from melting glass to form beads. Instead its all about numbers, software and settings and its nice to balance both skill sets into his everyday life. At the same time it also keeps the core ‘uniqueness’ on offer from both products. We also integrate the feeling of uniqueness and colour into the additional items we sell in our shop.

Duncan Morgan

Owner of ‘Unique 3D Crystal’ and ‘Unique Glass Beads’
Originally opening a workshop/retail premises to make and sell lampwork beaded jewellery, Duncan chanced upon laser etched crystal ornaments and looked into the possibility of integrating it into his business model. Now we can add to our “uniqueness’ by producing these lovely commisioned pieces.

Sarah Morgan

Partner in ‘Unique 3D Crystal’ and ‘Unique Glass Beads’. Principally an NHS nurse, Sarah helps with the sourcing and supply of third party goods sold in the shop. She is also key to the promotion of the business via social networking.

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